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Dani Lee Arts

Memorial Mosaic

Textural mosaic of a tree in front of a rainbow ribbon

A mosaic remembering Willow Rose Rainbow, created with her friends. The children chose highly textural mosaic pieces for this artwork.

More images to follow shortly

Cob Buildings

Model of a row of houses made from cob

The children made cob sculptures of the historic buildings around Haverfordwest. Cob is a fun and sticky mixture of sub-soil, sand, straw and water and is also a traditional building material.

Click below for full image

“The buildings look truly amazing- what a fantastic way to learn about buildings and building materials. We will definitely be in touch when we get more funding.”

Playground Cob Murals

Cob mural of a blue imaginary tree with flowers and strange insect

The design for this fantasy tree in the playground came from the children’s drawings of their imaginary world that they were led to through story telling. The welcome cob mural (below) surrounds the main school entrance. Both were created with lots of fun by the children.

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“The insect on this tree lives in the magical valley. She eats the nectar from those flower… You get there through the crystal tunnel.”