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Dani Lee Arts

The communities we work with are at the heart of planning, designing and creating the artworks.

Dani Lee arts facilitates and project manages the commissions. Participants to workshops receive inspiring teaching and choose from an extensive range of colourful and textural materials to create their artworks.

Mosaic Mural and Community Notice Board

This mural was made with many members of the community. They were led through the design process then created the mosaic and installed the art work. An exciting project widely supported by the community of Llandeilo.

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“Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in this incredible project. The workshop was really fun thanks to your great teaching and relaxed style. It’s a huge piece of work and testament to you to have delivered it whilst involving so many people. Every time I walk past it I will think of that lovely day I had making some of a blue house!”

“Being involved in the project has given me the chance to reflect on what I value about living here; it’s been both exciting and rewarding.”

Community Cob Mural

Miner holding coal in front of a scene of Ammanford with brickworks, rail line and wind turbines. And the Boar in a forest. All in cob with some detail in mosaic.

Mural created with the service users of Hafal, a charity that works with those that are experiencing mental health issues. This mural was created from cob, a fun and sticky mixture of sub-soil, sand, straw and water. In suitable locations this mural material lasts surprisingly well.

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School Garden Mosaic

Mosaic pumpkin, sunflower, strawberry, singing bird and snail

Mosaic mural created by the children, their parents and teachers for their school vegetable garden.

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“I’ve just seen the mosaic. It is superb! So beautiful and tastefully done! Thank you so much.”